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Trains to Utrecht

The Dutch city of Utrecht ticks all the boxes for stereotypes: gabled houses, bicycles, tree-lined canals and cafés with tulips aplenty in the spring. We like it for being rather like Amsterdam, but without the huge crowds of tourists. The main station is called Utrecht Centraal. It is a vast complex that seems to be always in the process of being rebuilt; it’s hard to avoid getting lost in the Hoog Catharijne shopping centre which dominates the station area.

But persist. Utrecht gets better and better. Climb the cathedral tower for a great view of the city and then relax over a coffee or a beer in one of the cafés which line Oudegracht. When it’s time to move on, you’ll find a superb range of onward train services. Utrecht Centraal is the busiest rail hub in the Netherlands. There are upwards of 30 trains each hour leaving Utrecht for other cities across the country. Amsterdam and Schiphol airport are both just 30 minutes away. The train journey to The Hague or Rotterdam takes just 40 minutes.

Utrecht is also a good jumping-off point for international journeys. The Dutch and German rail administrations jointly operate sleek ICE trains directly from Utrecht to Düsseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt. There's also a direct daytime ICE to Basel in Switzerland. An evening train from Utrecht to Düsseldorf (1 hr 40 mins away) connects seamlessly into onward night trains to Innsbruck, Munich, Linz and Vienna.

Travel to Utrecht by train from anywhere in the UK or across Europe.

De Londres a Utrecht en tren

from 56,13 $

Avg 1 change 3hr 56m

De Paris a Utrecht en tren

from 84,19 $

Avg 1 change 3hr 32m

De Amsterdam a Utrecht en tren

from 9,35 $

Avg 0 change 25m

De Düsseldorf a Utrecht en tren

from 21,83 $

Avg 0 change 1hr 46m

De Venlo a Utrecht en tren

from 24,94 $

Avg 0 change 1hr 31m

De Eindhoven a Utrecht en tren

from 18,08 $

Avg 0 change 47m

De Mannheim a Utrecht en tren

from 29,93 $

Avg 1 change 3hr 56m

De Mönchengladbach a Utrecht en tren

from 21,83 $

Avg 1 change 2hr 9m

De Colonia a Utrecht en tren

from 21,83 $

Avg 0 change 2hr 14m

De Frankfurt am Main a Utrecht en tren

from 29,93 $

Avg 0 change 3hr 31m

De Hamburgo a Utrecht en tren

from 29,93 $

Avg 1 change 4hr 48m

De Münster a Utrecht en tren

from 20,58 $

Avg 1 change 2hr 28m

De Enschede a Utrecht en tren

from 50,51 $

Avg 0 change 1hr 37m

De Maguncia a Utrecht en tren

from 21,83 $

Avg 1 change 3hr 49m

De Rotterdam a Utrecht en tren

from 12,47 $

Avg 0 change 37m

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